Brittani Bilse
Deep Roots. Bold Vision.

Brittani Bilse pairs strategic insight with a values-driven approach to consulting. She can provide the guidance you need to move forward with confidence, with expertise shaped by almost 20 years of experience in campaign, executive, and legislative consultation and leadership.


From healthcare and industrial organizations to legislatures and beyond, clients hire Bilse for a creative approach that inspires them to think big, act boldly, and create a roadmap for sustainable success.


Looking for tangible, measurable results? Look no further.


About Brittani

Throughout her career, Brittani Bilse advised the office of the governor, executive commissioners, state elected officials in the Senate Finance Committee and House Public Health Committee, nonprofit and for-profit businesses, associations, and numerous  stakeholders in both strategic advocacy and execution. She worked four sessions inside the Texas Legislature, successfully negotiating with top-level state officials on fiscal and policy matters.

A native Texan, Brittani lives in Austin.   Connect with Brittani on LinkedIn.

Core Values


Innovation requires determination. With courage, resilience, and a strong imagination, we lead our clients in unique pathways to success and sustainability.



You don’t hire us to tell you what you want to hear; you hire us to tell you what you need to hear to help move your goals forward. We aim to be fair, firm, and straightforward.


Policy matters are complex and ever-changing. Our deep subject matter knowledge and prior experience shape our ability to fulfill our promise to clients.

Career Milestones

 Strategically led and negotiated the Texas 1115 Demonstration waiver approval in 2021, securing approximately $400 billion over 10 years.   Actively participated in resulting litigation with the Solicitor General of Texas, finally dismissed in May 2022.  

Negotiated successful budgets, riders, and legislation through effective communication strategies for client solutions.

Founded a private practice in 2012.


Businesses and Corporations Served

Advocacy Associations

Local Government


Highway Contractors

Nursing Homes

Health Maintenance




Think Tank





Thought Leadership

@CMSgov @Medicaidgov deviates from 1115 Budget Neutrality guidance in Mass. and Oregon Approvals 

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